Somatropin Preferred by Bodybuilders and Athletes


Human Growth Hormone, as used by bodybuilders and athletes is called Somatropin and practically represents the syntheticform of the natural hormone, produced by the pituitary gland. Bodybuilders and athletes use Somatropin because it provides rapid results in fat-burning and muscle-building. As with many other steroids or with steroid-like products, if the users don’t respect the recommendation and use Somatropin in higher doses or for excessive period of times; exists the risk of shutting down the body’s natural production of human growth hormone.

Somatropin is also very effective in restoring the damaged cartilages, but it could also cause side-effects like: bones thickening in the feet and hands or enlarged organs.

The human growth hormone is at high levels during the adolescence and dramatically decreases as the person grows. In teenagers, this hormone promotes: subcutaneous fat stores breakdown, protein deposition and most important – growth tissue. Upon maturation, the human growth hormone is present in the body at a very low level. That’s why, in order to restore the human growth hormone level, many adults use Somatropin, even if they are not athletes or bodybuilders.

Many clinical researches proved that Somatropine has extraordinary therapeutic properties. It provides amazing results in pituitary deficientdwarfism cases and can actually restore a linear growth when it is used during adolescence.

How Did Somatropine Appeared?

In 1980 appeared the first drugs containing the Human Growth Hormone as the main ingredient. The hormone was extracted from biological sources, more exactly from the pituitary glands of human corpses. After extraction, the hormone was processed and prepared in order to be used as a medical injection.

After this production method, the specialists started to produce synthetic HGH. Nowadays, all the products are manufactured synthetically.

Today, in the Unites States, for the pharmaceutical market are being manufactured 2 distinctly structured compounds. First with the correct sequence of amino-acids (191) and second compound with a 192 sequence. The extra amino acid from the second product, can increase the change to develop an antibody reaction to the hormone. This is the reason why, even if the difference between the two products is not great, the 191 configuration is considered to be more reliable.

Outside the United States, the vast majority of products contain the 191 sequence of amino-acids.

Athletes, Bodybuilders and Somatropine

The use of Somatropin increased in popularity among bodybuilders and athletes, because its numerous benefits. First of all, Somatropin stimulates the growth of most body tissues, by increasing the cell’s number and not the size. It also increases the amino-acids transport and theproteins synthesis rate.

All these effects are being mediated by the insulin-like growth factor – IGF-1, which is a highly anabolic hormone, produced inside the liver and other body tissues as a response reaction to the hormone.

Another reason why Somatropin is so appreciated is that it produces remarkable fat loss during the treatment, by stimulating the triglyceride hydrolysis from the adipose tissue.

It also increases the liver’s glucose output and determines insulinresistance, by blocking this hormone’s activity inside the target cells.

Somatropin also helps athletes and bodybuilders by strengthening their tendons, cartilages andconnective tissues. This effect reduces the risk of injuries (which can be caused by a heavy weight training) and increases the strength and the lifting ability (for weightlifters).


The facts that it can safely pass the “piss-test” and that doesn’t exist any reliable detection method, also represent huge advantages for sportsmen. This makes Somatropin a very attractive product for Olympic competitors, strength athletes and professional bodybuilders (among others). They can use Somatropin straight through a competition.

There are some voice saying that the specialists developed a test that could detect the synthetic growth hormone presence and this test should be implemented in the next period of time. Until then it will remain an important resource for many sportsmen.

Many will talk about Somatropin as “the holy grail of anabolic steroids”, being capable of great things like incredible muscle growth and fat loss in a extremely short period. Many will talk about the fact that most of the sportsmen won the Olympics due to this anabolic steroid and that this isn’t fair for the rest of the participants.

Somatropin is a disputed product, but what makes the difference in the end are the results. And the results are simply amazing for each and every bodybuilder or athlete longing for the perfect body or for the gold medal.

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